Construction Management

There are times when a solid general contractor isn’t enough. You need someone who works as an extension of your staff from the first day to ensure it’s completed as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible. That’s why you need Armcorp Construction, Inc.

This contracting method offers you a partner with a construction professional who will facilitate the project in it’s entirety. Whether we are engaging in problem-solving or conflict resolution – it does not matter. As your construction manager we will make sure that your vision is our vision. Then once we find where you are going, we will take you there. At Armcorp Construction, Inc., our construction management approach offers you the following benefits:

• Pre-construction services (Reducing Cost)
• Construction process planning (Developing a thorough scope)
• Directing all subcontractors (Continuous control throughout the project)
• Constructability reviews (Quantifiable quality management tracking)
• Comprehensive reporting (Continuity and transparency with the owner)
• Organizing and managing teams (Lessening time in non-construction phases, such as design and planning)

Hiring Armcorp Construction, Inc. as a Construction Manager provides distinct advantages for owners. We have a very successful history of providing premium results to our clients. We will drive to perform expediently, deliver quality, promote safety, and ultimately build a better world for you.