In the construction industry, many companies and owners have assumed that waste is an unfortunate but inevitable part of doing business—we do not agree.

Through our innovative design-build construction and value engineering services, we enter into a collaborative process with architect and engineer to provide creative ideas and expert solution to guarantee the most efficient, and cost-effective process possible. This motivates the designer and the contractor to support one another throughout the entirety of the construction process.

With both the design and construction phases overlapping, bidding periods are integrated into the process more effectually. The expensive redesign process is eliminated, resulting in a drastic reduction of the total time for design and construction. The combination of these features create a much more expedient method of construction than the constraints of traditional construction would typically allow.

Armcorp Construction, Inc. institutes value engineering services as part of the design-build process. Representatives from each member of the team meet to identify and prioritize risks. Our team then implements systems that mitigate the identified risks resulting in cost-saving methods. Due to the flexibility of the design-build process, corrective actions are taken quickly without enduring rigid, time-wasting maneuvers.

We offer vast experience in a broad range of sectors—including industrial, government, and healthcare. Armcorp Construction, Inc. can partner with you to offer an unparalleled experience that stems from careful management, attention to cost and schedule, and a track record of meeting our client’s expectations.